Throwback Thursday: Paris

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Let’s make a trip down memory lane…as you can see from the watermark it was May 11, 2008. I was in Paris, France and all I have to say is–it’s overrated. Being there with the wrong person might be a possible reason but in total Swanky fashion, I still managed to have a great time. Despite the fact I didn’t appreciate cliche things like a romantic parisian walk or taking a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower, I did manage to take a picture between the legs of the Eiffel Tower. What a moron! I’m so glad that God has worked in me and now I look forward to visiting Paris again one day with my husband so I can take that cheesy walk that I will love so much. But what I did enjoy the most was the food and shopping–OF COURSE!

I wore a a flowy black dress that I didn’t adore then and now looking back at it, I do like it! Wish I never got rid of it and I don’t remember the designer’s name. For shoes I wore the Gucci Sevigny black patent leather sandals which I was totally obsessed with at the time. The beautiful clutch I’m holding is Miss Sparkle by Dolce & Gabbana. You won’t believe it and it hurts to recount the story, but I LOST IT. Yes, I took a trip to the store with my nephew one day and because children can be overwhelming sometimes and had not changed to a new bag, I was carrying around what looked like a silly fancy clutch. I put it on top of the car to ensure all bags were in the car and that the rugrat was strapped in. Drove off. And never found it since. Duh, like someone would really turn in a Dolce & Gabbana clutch. Hey it could have happened…but it didn’t. And that’s the story of my Miss Sparkle’s short lived life with Swanky.

I have more photos from this trip but I’ll share more on another Throwback Thursday. Aside from the Eiffel photo, the other shots were taken on a night out for dinner at Le Cab (Le Cabaret restaurant and club). I remember the food being delicious and the ambiance dim and exquisite. I recall being in one of my party pooper moods that night, yet I did go downstairs to the club simply to give it a look. I was in and out and I must say that it was nice. I loved the lighting! I’d definitely recommend all swanksters to check it out on your future visit to Paris.

Enjoy and God bless!



Swanky Paris

Swanky Paris 3


Le Cab RestaurantSource

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