Suffering, Failure, and Success. We are Moses.

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While I was praying and journaling I decided to look at some of my old entries. It’s something I do every so often just to see what catches my spirit and also to find encouragement in past prayer reports. It’s always nice to see how far I’ve come along. All thanks to the Lord.

Struggle and Success

I came across this particular entry and it was placed in my heart to share it with you. Excuse the run ons (which are my style staple in my journal/diary haha).



I just had a revelation. I’m reading The Road to Reality by K.P. Yohannan when speaking about Moses and how he tried to save Israel w/ his own power until he met God, after many failed attempts. It goes on to say “he counted it a privilege to forsake the splendor of Egypt and suffer with the people of God.” I too have tried to do many things on my own strength and power – and although sometimes I had small successes, ultimately they ended in failed attempts. Now I see the splendor in doing things with the strength of Jesus working thru me. It’s untouchable and ultimately it will all be a great success. And like Moses I see it as a privilege to leave my old life behind to “suffer” with people of God in more humble settings. I’m grateful. I don’t always consider it suffering. When surrounded by God and His people–strife comes along with hope and the good moments unanimously outshine anything that goes wrong. Besides, I have learned that there is power in that suffering. Simply knowing that God is in control and everything happens for a reason–His reason, is comfort enough!

Have you ever tried to do something using your own strength but realize that it takes more than your own power to reach success?

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Enjoy and God bless!


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