Sparkling Ice: Because Everything’s Better with Bubbles and Bikinis

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What’s fruity, bubbly all over, and loves to wear a bikini? Sparkling Ice!

Sparkling Ice® is a fizzy, fruity, and a zero calories Not Bland beverage. They have a delicious lineup of waters with 15 fruit flavors. Below I’m featuring 4 of the sparkling (and swimsuit lovin’) flavorful waters.

Sparkling Ice flavored fizzy water

Be Not Bland with Sparkling Ice!

Sparkling Ice knows how to enjoy the summer. Not only does Be Not Bland mean standing out instead of blending in but it means encouraging others to do the same. Orange Mango being the bold one of the bunch, lead the pack in rock jumping into the water (which you can see on my IG stories). It’s my fave out of the four due to the mango flavor.

Sparkling Ice Be Not Bland Orange Mango

Here we have Black Raspberry in a super cute floral bikini. This flavor is rich, sweet, and berry good!

Sparkling Ice Be Not Bland Black Raspberry

Cherry Limeade in a chic tropical tube top and denim style shorts. This flavor is one for fun! It’s strong, bold, and cherrylicious.

Sparkling Ice Be Not Bland Cherry Limeade

Kiwi Strawberry in a patterned one piece swimsuit. This flavor was sweet as can be. Down to earth with a twist.

Sparkling Ice Be Not Bland Starwberry Kiwi

After a swim this sparkling bunch took a moment to reflect on their day of summer fun while enjoying the sunset.

Sparkling Ice fizzy waters Be Not Bland

Sparkling Ice flavored waters Be Not Bland

Everything’s better with bubbles!

These Sparkling Ice waters are such a treat and refreshing. They remind me of freeze pops. It makes total sense to use them for mocktails, spritzers, or frozen drinks.

You can find and purchase all 15 sparkling flavors on Amazon and if you have Prime you can order the Sparkling Ice Dash Button for easy access.

Now what do you say–let’s get fizzy! Which Sparkling Ice flavor is your favorite? Leave a comment below and let me know!


P.S. – these are zero points on Weight Watchers!

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