Shoe Trend: Gladiator Bows

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Hey swanksters! As I was working on a few things at home, I was also catching up on The Rachel Zoe Project. (I love her work, I just really wish she would stop stressing out so much!! It’s not wearing on her very well guys. Nonetheless, she will forever be swankerfic!) So after RZ went off, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills came on, which I entirely tuned out as I continued working. All that cattiness makes my head hurt! But then a scene came on of Brandi Glanville trying on shoes. Of course when shoes are involved, I’m instantly captivated. I looked only to be mesmerized by the pair of pretty gladiator/caged bow sandals you see below. BrandiGlanvilleAnd to top it all off, they were teal snakeskin! So I quickly began my search… I wasn’t sure that I had found them until I read a quote on Bravo by Brandi that confirmed the sandals are from the  Louis Vuitton Resort 2012 collection, which look just as amazing in red. These babies will be hard to find due to them being from a past season (Sidebar: designer stores in Europe provide a variety of colors as well as styles which we normally wouldn’t be able to snag here in the US).

“The best part of the boat excursion was that my new BFF Yo gave me the most beautiful shoes straight off the Louis Vuitton runway! I mean, now that is a good friend. When it gets a little warmer I will be rocking them all the time!” Brandi Glanville

Louis Vuitton Resort 2012

I found a few other styles like it that lead me to imagine this trend could be a hit this Spring/Summer 2013 and if it isn’t, shame on you fashion world–it should be! Below are the cute options I found, whether your price range is inexpensive or extravagant I’m sure you will all appreciate (it sucks some of the sandals toward the end are SOLD OUT—boooooo, throws tomato!).

Enjoy and God bless!


SHOEBOX bow sandal

SHOEBOX Gladiator Bow Flat Sandal $148

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