Swanky Shoe Pick: Prada

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Welcome to the second installation of 7 Days of Luxury with Swanky in which each day I feature one of my favorite high end designers as a Swanky Shoe Pic of the Day.

Today I bring to you Prada’s Lug Platform Sandal! The thing I love most about Prada’s footwear style is that it tends to be nerdy yet swanky—snerdy! Haha. It’s the perfect style for a gal that has a bit of a geeky or tomboyish side.

I chose this shoe because when I first saw it I instantly felt the need to have it. It’s almost as if a boot smashed into a sandal. I love the chunky heel, the sturdy lug sole, and the small peep toe (I hate a large peep toe in where the toes hang out like an extraterrestrial creature).

There are two color options available, with the black containing a zipper in the front and with the brown containing double buckles, which as a result has a lower vamp. I like the different tones on the brown platform, showing small hints of black and it honestly looks like both provide a ton of support.

I imagine this style with a shirtdress by J brand, J. Crew, Rubbish, Rag & Bone, or Brooks Brothers and would look great with tights in the Fall.

What do you think about this shoe pick? Let me know if you deem it swanky or unswanktified! And be sure to look at Day 1 (Gucci) of 7 Days of Luxury with Swanky.

Enjoy and God bless!


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