Swanky Shoe Pick: Olcay Gulsen

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Allow me to introduce to all you swanksters, today’s Swanky Shoe Pic of the Day. I bring to you these 6” t-strap platform sandals by Olcay Gulsen. They’re part textured metallic suede and part leather. The color is a cross between heather grey, blush, and nude. It’s a win/win heel guys. Super adorable with frilly or lace shorts or alternatively a super swanky Spring dress.

I’m happy to see Olcay Gulsen go into sandal territory, being that for some time now everyone has been coveting her ankle strap platform pumps. I’m looking forward to seeing the brand expand and innovate the footwear industry in a simple yet creative way with affordable prices. I honestly believe the price for Gulsen shoes is very good considering the quality and styles available. I expect great things from the brand as long it stays true to what they’ve been bringing. There are so many overpriced shoes out there and one of the things, amongst others, that encouraged me to start is to feature what makes sense and what doesn’t. It’s not what you wear it’s how you wear it. You can’t just go into any store and grab anything. I strongly believe that you’ve got to go into stores with a bit more knowledge so you can get more bang for your buck. I learned the hard way. You can go to an inexpensive store and come out with a great deal or you can come out with a really poor choice of a shoe and even worse quality. The exact same thing applies to high end designers.

Next time you decide to go shopping, feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to help you make the right footwear choice! 


Enjoy and God bless!



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