Swanky Shoe Pick: Victoria’s Secret

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Welcome to the seventh, and last installation, of 7 Days of Inexpensive with Swanky in which each day I feature one of my favorite less pricey designers as a Swanky Shoe Pic of the Day. I know, it’s been a long time coming!

So I was just admiring my Victoria’s Secret slipper booties when I decided to share on Instagram how obsessed I am with them even though they’re falling apart. I was so happy that they were machine washable and have managed to keep them for over 4 years, but nonetheless they’re giving in with the wear and tear of time.

Victoria's Secret PINK Purple Slipper Booties swanky cyn swankycyn

I decided to go on Victoria’s Secret online and once again check to see if they started carrying them again but they aren’t. Boo hoo! HOWEVERRRR, they do have a possible alternative which is super cute for winter. These fur booties are so adorable! I’m not a pink girl but being in Hawaii makes me lean toward hot pink. Then again, my eyes would hurt after a while. Now grey is one of my favorite colors, so that combo I do love.

Aside from house slippers, Victoria’s Secret carries some pretty awesome and affordable (at times) shoes. They also have available a variety of other inexpensive designers. Have your pick! Just be careful, sometimes I think some of the shoes are over priced when considering the quality offered. Happy shopping!

Which kind of house slippers are your favorite? Do you like Victoria’s Secret footwear? Comment below!

Enjoy and God bless!


Victoria's Secret PINK Slipper Booties

Victoria’s Secret PINK Faux Fur Lined Slipper Booties $29.50

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