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I recently started a shop here on SWANKYCYN and while looking for items to add to it I came across the Nike Air Revolution Sky Hi wedge sneaker. Wow! Just one of the reasons why I’m still not ready to let go of the sneaker wedge trend.

Nike Air Revolution Hi Wedge Sneakers 3

I’m so impressed with the many colors and options available. I’m almost sure there’s something for everyone. I didn’t add all of them to the shop and instead I decided to create a separate post so I could share all the wonderful alternates Nike has to offer.

Although I haven’t worn a pair of Nike sneakers in a while, and rarely will, these are a must have. They not only provide comfort, but also provide style. I especially love the paisley print because it gives a luxe look. Do you agree?

And I don’t know about you but I picture an outfit when I look at each style. One piece of clothing that keeps coming to mind are sweatpants. Something I’ve been a fan of lately and worn with a t-shirt or a blouse (along with appropriates shoes of course) you can never go wrong.

What are you favorites? Are you still into the sneaker wedge trend as much as I am? Comment Below.

Enjoy and God bless!

Btw, check out how a couple of ways I like to style my Converse here and here.


Nike Air Revolution Hi Wedge Sneakers1. QS (Tokyo) @ Nike $200

2. $180 @ Nike

3. QS (Paris) @ Nike $200

4. $150 @ Barneys New York

5. $150 @ Nike

6. Nike x Liberty of London $200

7. QS (Milan) @ Nike $200

Nike Air Revolution Hi Liberty Wedge Sneakers1. Nike x Liberty of London $200

2. QS (London) @ Nike $200

3. QS (New York) @ Nike $200

4. $150 @ Nike

5. $150 @ Nordstrom

6. $150 @ Nike

7. $150 @ Nike

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