Swanky Shoe Pick: Daddy’$ Money by Skechers

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The Shoe Pic of the Day for today are a pair of high top wedge sneakers from Daddy’$ Money, a brand owned by Skechers, and are called ‘Gimme – Kisses’. I’m not a huge sneaker fan but I can definitely appreciate them. These in particular are great for those who like me, find it fun to make a swanky statement. I’m normally not a fan of pink but I like the use of baby pink shoe laces. I also love this artsy print of lips in different colors such as pink, lavender, nude and red against a dark purple backdrop. You can’t entirely tell from this photo but the tongue is made up of black sequin. These sneakers have everything of a fab rockstar. For those who want to be more risky, you can also change the shoe laces to acquire a different look. For me, I’d like to see black shoe laces on them to give them a more swankster edge.

I picture these with a variety of outfits. I’m thinking a really cute black leather skirt, a sporty dress, or even black leggings for a day of running errands. What do you see yourself sporting with these?

Enjoy and God bless!




Another pair I like from the Daddy’$ Money collection are these ‘Gimme – Outta Sight’ pair.


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