Swanky Shoe Pick: Chinese Laundry

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I know I know I know, this post is well overdue! I just haven’t been feeling well at all. I’ve been fatigued, dizzy, light headed, and anxious. And no I’m not pregnant. Bummer. I have no idea what it could be but I continue to put my trust in God. He knows my comings and my goings and even in my anxiety, that I can’t seem to understand, I know that He has me in the palm of His hand. Good thing I have a daily healing prayer which you can read up on in my Swanky Scripture: Healing and Daily Prayer post. Keeping me in your prayers would be greatly appreciated swanksters!

Now without further ado, welcome to the fourth installation of 7 Days of Inexpensive with Swanky in which each day I feature one of my favorite less pricey designers as a Swanky Shoe Pic of the Day.

Today I bring to you the stunning Jovial sandal by Chinese Laundry! This is a very popular style that I’m sure you’ve coveted in other designers, especially on the high end spectrum, so it’s nice to have this inexpensive option. You can take these double ankle strap sandals embellished in crystals and use them to intensify an outfit or simply to add a dash of punch to your ensemble.

Chinese Laundry is a designer with on trend styles and reasonable prices time after time. I’ve probably had the brand in my closet since I first started collecting shoes and I’d recommend anyone rebuilding their collection to always keep an eye out for them. I recently began rebuilding mine and sure enough, I have a pair in my closet!

These will look great with a fun dress–of course or playful knee length skirt.

Which color is your favorite?

Enjoy and God bless!


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