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Shoe Closet: Whoopi Goldberg

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Hey swanksters! Until I get my very own Shoe Closet Interviews rolling again, I’d like to share some of the pretty cool shoe closet interviews/videos that are out there. I posted a photo of Whoopi Goldberg on Instagram not too long ago, when she was wearing Privileged wedges on The View. I honestly had never paid much attention to Whoopi’s shoe infatuation, but I thought it was awesome that she wore the Amazee style with rainbow shoe laces and all. When I came across this video of her presenting her Shoe View Cam on the show and an inside look at her closet, it all made sense. Some of her choices are quite outrageous and I wouldn’t fathom them being in my swanky closet but I admire her risk taking capablities. It’s all or nothing with her. And I can’t even be mad at the fact that all the crazy wild shoes she finds are COMFORTABLE and reasonably priced. Can you believe it? Most of the ones I saw in her closet looked super painful. One of them being the wooden clogs, which I myself used to have in light pink straight from Holland. Ouch. They were fun to wear, but not fun to walk in.

Now my only thing is…what is up with your choice in socks Whoops? We gotta do better girl! Maybe I can get a one on one with her one day and swanktify her! I’d love to see her in a pair of sexy strappy heels such as these Brian Atwoods. Let me know your thoughts on Ms. Goldberg’s out of this world collection and what shoes you’d like to see her in.

Enjoy and God bless!




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