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Shoe Closet Interview: Mae Lu of thereafterish.

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FINALLY! I’m back to doing shoe closet interviews with some of the best fashionistas, bloggers, and celebrities there is!

I’m so impressed with the fashion and art here in Oahu, Hawaii (more on my wonderful move to the island life later) and I’m ecstatic to bring you the shoe collections of all the beauties it has to offer. I came with an open mind, yet understanding what would be an ill fate of flip flops, tanks, and shorts. However, to my surprise there is so much fashion influence, Japanese in particular as well as mainland, and it’s only getting bigger and better.

Relaxed, dressy, or a funky getup–all are totally manageable here believe it or not, and something that is frequently seen in the shoe closets of many that live the beach and palm tree life around here.

So a little about Mae our interviewee…

Shoe Closet Mae therafterish x SWANKYCYN

Mae Lu is a self-proclaimed “recovering Southern Californian,” having grown up in San Diego. A transplant to Honolulu, Hawaii, she immediately fell in love with the Islands, and now calls Hawaii her beloved “Forever” Home. Coming off an amazing stint doing Social Media Management for a Sun Protection company, she recently found an amazing career in Human Resource Solutions, and is truly enjoying her day job (who knew HR could be so FUN?).

However, if asked what she “does,” Mae often defines herself as the following: A hiker, a Hawaiian beach goer, a vegetarian and clean eating lover, a doggy mama to a boisterous Wheaten Terrier, a sunset chaser, a makeup and skincare junkie, a happiness seeker and a happy wife. When she is not hiking the mountains above East Oahu with her husband, hiking partners and her dog, she can be found at a beach (with her husband and her dog). In her spare time, she loves editing videos for her YouTube style and beauty channel, researching skincare and natural DIY beauty recipes, style stalking fashion crushes on Instagram, online window shopping, cooking (while dancing and singing to soul music or reggae) or curating content for her style blog, “thereafterish.

Mae has been creatively writing and blogging under various monikers for almost 15 years, and has written the Life and Style blog “thereafterish.” for the last three. Conceived to center around her fashion evolution and quirky style choices, “thereafterish.” eventually evolved to encapsulate all areas of her life, from her emotional and mental mission to seek and find happiness and fulfillment, to documenting her health journey, to writing her daily observations, to showcasing her favorite beaches, chronicling her weekly hikes and simply sharing the adventure that is Hawaii Life. “thereafterish.” is written to tell the other, more real half of the “and they lived happily ever thereafter” story.

You can find Mae on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

I kid you not, she is just as awesome as she sounds in her bio! 🙂 I was instantly delighted with her personality and humor. After taking off our shoes (aloha style), I felt comfortable delving into footwear, and then some, with Mae while getting all the details on her collection.

Shoe Closet Mae therafterish x SWANKYCYN 2

Also, it helped a gazillion to have Cristina of HA Simplicity taking care of our makeup and hair and Matthey Troyer of Matthew Troyer Photography behind the lens bringing the concept to life. They did an exceptional job and it was an absolute pleasure creating with this bunch. I am blessed!

Now on to what you’ve been waiting for! Take a look at the swanktastic video of the interview below…”because ‘And They Lived Happily Ever Thereafter’ is only half of every life and style story.” And this is Mae’s!

Enjoy and God bless!


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