3 Times Saying Yes Changed My Life

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There are three things I’ve experienced that stand out to me as defining moments in my life. You know those moments where you feel the impact on your life and the transformation of your surroundings. I’ve learned that sometimes the things I am saying “yes” to are helping me achieve greater balance in life. Such as taking better care of myself physically, emotionally, mentally, and fashionably (I don’t know if that’s a word) and moving from one chapter to the next.

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I hope my stories and my Well Yes!® moments encourage you to make confident choices in your life as well as life-changing decisions. These are my “Moments of Yes”.

My first Well Yes! moment happened in 2012 when I decided to leave New York and move back to my hometown in Massachusetts. It meant leaving who I knew for who I was to become. I was so “in love” with New York for years–since a teenager. I always had dreams of being in the big city realizing my big dreams. When I finally made it to New York, I realized the reality of achieving those dreams didn’t come easy. It was tons of fun, tons of ups and downs, but the road was not simple. So much so that after 10 years of a romance with New York, I found myself couch surfing in friends’ homes, without a job or a car–something I always had since the age of 16. I found myself pondering the thought of going back to my hometown, but I wanted it to be because it was the right choice and not because I was giving up. My family and friends were inviting me back with welcoming arms. Was it the right thing to do? I was afraid to leave New York. At this point, I was comfortable with the chaos. Yet deep down I knew it was time I move on. It was time for me to leave New York behind and the girl it represented. It was time for me to become a woman and grow into who I was meant to be. It was a sad decision however and it felt like a break up. I knew our time had passed. I never imagined the day I would say goodbye to NY but I knew I had to say YES! because I knew that what was ahead of me was far better than what was before me. The instant I left New York I was welcomed by an abundance of peace. I mean, things didn’t pan out right away but I did begin to love myself and I felt everything about me begin to grow. I was becoming more like my authentic self and it opened the door for more…love.

My second Well Yes! moment was marrying my husband. I never knew I could and it has made me stronger. As a girl I don’t recall being obsessed with white belle dresses, wedding magazines, having babies, or being a wife. Even as I grew into my mid-twenties the thought still hadn’t crossed my mind. For me it was about commitment and having a partnership in all areas of life. I actually had two Well Yes! moments with my husband. The first came when I posted on Facebook “Who wants to Skype?”. He replied in my Inbox “Will you Skype with me?” and my answer was yes. Meeting random people online wasn’t new to me. It’s something I was familiar with since I was in High School and I’ve met some awesome people because of it. And in this particular phase which was right after #1 I was excited about who I was and what I had to offer so I was simply looking to inspire others and be inspired by others all while in digital conversation. On our first Skype call we chatted briefly. Nothing spectacular about it. But a week and half later, he asked to chat again so we did. Our Skype/Facebook interactions blossomed into a relationship that blossomed into love. So much so that we began to talk about marriage and even having children. Wow!!! So unlike me. I surprised myself but I didn’t hold back because I was fully embracing and saying yes to this new woman. The one that wants a healthy, loving, and committed relationship–including the marriage. So with only 3 official dates face to face and 8 months of knowing each other–we married! Well Yes! it sounds crazy but it has been one of the best choices I have ever made. In 3 months we celebrate 5 years of marriage.

My third and final Well Yes! moment was making the choice to speak with a therapist. This alone has been on of the best decisions for my overall wellbeing. I was always against seeing a psychologist because I felt that it was for crazy people. It was for people with really big, big problems and people who essentially were losing their mind. Well, it came to that point for me. Thinking back on my younger years I suffered from depression and had no idea. As I became a young adult I thought everyone had the same mental thought process, it was just me doing a terrible job at life. I thought it was up to me to fix everything. Ultimately it got to the point where I felt that I was so mentally unstable that I was afraid for my wellbeing. That’s when I knew it was bigger than me and I couldn’t put the pressure on myself anymore to fix it. So I sought help. First from a doctor and then a therapist. The first professional I met was great just not a good fit for me. The second one really helped transform my life. I fell in love with therapy and it’s something I’m entirely open to depending on the season in my life.

Something I wish I had in at least 2 of these moments in my life are Well Yes! soups. For those days when I needed something inexpensive and hearty for mealtime, also for those days when my energy didn’t stretch far enough for me to cook. These Well Yes! soups are the perfect combination. I was already a big fan of soups, just now I have the option of enjoying one with real nutritious ingredients giving me the opportunity to say yes in other areas of my life. Such as the Hearty Lentil with Vegetable which contains chickpeas, roasted garlic, whole-grain pasta, carrots, and of course lentils. My go-to soups are carrot, lentil, and anything vegetable. So delish!


Hearty Lentil with Vegetables

lentil soup

  • Well Yes! Soups: a line of soups made with nutritious ingredients, like chicken meat with no antibiotics, sweet potatoes, kale, and quinoa
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healthy nutritious Campbell's Well Yes! soups

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soup ideas for the fall

So now that you’ve learned more about my life-changing decisions and delicious soups that add nutrition without compromising flavor, how will you say yes to the good stuff so you have what you need to say yes in the rest of your life?

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I challenge you to think about those defining moments in your life and to be more aware so you can be confident while staying ready for your Well Yes! moments.


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