16 Quotes You Need to Share Today

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I’ve been collecting quotes for a long time. I’ve always loved reading and when a quote or bible verse resonated with me I wrote it down. I have tons of them on my iPhone, on sticky notes, in my iPad, my laptop, notepads, everywhere!

Since everyone can use some inspiration, I decided to share the quotes that speak to me in hopes they would speak to you too. Every month I will post a collection of them for you to tweet and share; they’re great for Tumblr or pinning on Pinterest!

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Below are my April quotes. If you don’t have any shortcuts, all you have to do to share is a) save the photos and upload anywhere you want or b) click the share buttons at the top or bottom to choose your social media option.

What is your favorite quote? Share by tweeting me @swankycyn or leave a comment below! I would love to add it to my collection.

Thank you!

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