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This week is National Volunteer Week so I felt it was the perfect time to share a ministry that is near and dear to my heart, The Protestant Women of the Chapel. I heard about PWOC from my church connect group when a couple of the gals mentioned it to me; as a new military wife I knew I had to get plugged in.

I discovered Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC) is a nondenominational ministry existing as an extension of the Chapel that meets every week for bible study and fellowship. Their aims are to lead, teach, develop, and involve women. It is a way to offer military families the support and strength they need.

This ministry has been such a blessing! The overflow of support and wisdom from experienced military wives has helped me tremendously in my transition. Prior to PWOC I was a new wife, in a new island, living this new military life. I’ve grown and learned so much because of it and the many sisters I’ve met through it.

PWOC Protestant Women of the Chapel fellowship military ministry

My good friend, Lorena Magno, and I at PWOC Schofield Barracks’ 2016 Women’s Retreat

Another way Protestant Women of the Chapel has blessed me is by giving me a gracious platform in which to volunteer and express my gifts. I had a hard time serving before PWOC because I didn’t know how my gifts fit in.


Give, and [gifts] will be given to you… (Luke 6:38 AMP)


My first day at PWOC I heard they needed help filling the Media position and I immediately felt butterflies, the nervous but excited type. I knew this was a way I could give. I connected with the President and I served on that board for the next 2 years. Not too long after, I picked up the Publicity position as well seeing that it worked hand in hand with what I was already doing.

During this time I then started co-facilitating Bible Study classes to gain insight into how it’s done. I realized it looks different for everyone and the key was to allow the Holy Spirit to lead the study. God eventually led me to facilitate the Experiencing God bible study on my own. Such a meaty study! It was humbling to see God move in each of the women in the class. Not my will, but His.

There have been tough moments, but I have much joy from volunteering my time and efforts to it. Unlike other things in my life, I never feel as if I should receive payment in exchange for what I give. It’s fulfilling to function within the gifts God has given me. All while meeting lifelong sisters!

PWOC Retreat protestant women of the chapel ministry church hawaii swankycyn

My battle buddy Tamekia O’Neal and Teena Lindsay at PWOC Schofield Barracks’ 2016 Women’s Retreat

Protestant Women of the Chapel PWOC retreat hawaii ministry volunteer church fellowship

My sister in Christ, Teena, and I at Likeke Falls in Kaneohe, HI.

I encourage all military wives to plug into Protestant Women of the Chapel. It’s a great way to meet friends. There are tons of moms; many of them homeschoolers and it’s simply a great resource to help you grow into the woman God created you to be!


“…ask not what [others] can do for you – ask what you can do for [others].” -John F. Kennedy


I also encourage you to seek God. I had to take a few months off from PWOC due to work and health issues but I strongly believe that a large portion of the time you spend in ministry is meant to be used for His glory. Maybe your season is to volunteer but you’re afraid. You know He wants to use you but you don’t see past the phase of being fed, into feeding others. Trust me, all you have to do is take the first step and let Him lead. He will make sure all else follows.


By everything I did, I showed how you should work to help everyone who is weak. Remember that our Lord Jesus said, “More blessings come from giving than from receiving.” (Acts 20:35 CEVDCUS06)


What is your favorite volunteer memory? Do you currently serve in ministry? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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