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Own Your Tomorrow: The one simple question that has changed how I live my life

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Today I’ve partnered with the #Ownyourtomorrow campaign to share with you how asking questions has changed my life. The Own Your Tomorrow campaign is about people who take action in their life by creating their tomorrows rather than allowing them to happen. They’re not afraid to engage and they’re people that always take responsibility for the outcome of anything in their life.

The one simple question that has changed how I live my life is “Why?”. If you’ve ever wondered why things are happening to you, when everything is going wrong, then you can relate.

Make sure you watch the video below and learn that asking questions has changed my life by enabling me to get to the root of all problems. This helps me be able to make the best possible choice for myself moving forward. It has also helped me direct my efforts on the most beneficial route that will achieve a fruitful result.

This is a glimpse into some of the moments that have inspired me to change for the better.

What question matters most to you? Join the conversation by going to Own Your Tomorrow’s website.

Never stop asking questions. Explore the power of questions. And be inspired by Schwab’s tagline…

Ask questions. Be engaged. Own your tomorrow. –Charles Schwab

You can also hare your story, inspirations and life changing questions by using the hashtag #Ownyourtomorrow on Instagram.

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