OOTD: Denim, Converse, and Baseball

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Hey swanksters! So aside from shoes, I LOVE food and I like sports. I had the pleasure of indulging in both beginning with Vinnie Van GoGo’s where I had a delicious spinach salad containing all my favorite toppings and a slice of pizza. After, my husband and I headed to watch the Savannah Gnats play against the Rome Braves. My top choices are boxing and football, yet I still managed to enjoy myself.

Before the baseball game was just about over we headed to Tubby’s Tank House (Thunderbolt), a known hot spot for hanging out after the baseball games. I suggest early arrival to avoid traffic, especially if like me you don’t want to stick around until it’s crowded. Aside from plenty of outdoor space, it reminded me of Cracker Barrel with all the wooden rocking chairs and rustic decor. It was my first time there and I loved it! That was partly due to the live music by City Hotel, a pretty cool bluegrass band.

Now due to the activities planned above I needed something comfortable yet still swanky and sporty. I decided to wear this comfy tie dye denim looking dress by Guess, which I also wore when I did a shoe closet interview with Pasha De Matas. I paired it with Converse sneakers, a few random bracelets, and my new fave accessory, this hat from *drum roll* …the DOLLAR TREE! Yes, the dollar store is one of my guilty pleasures and this is exactly why. You never know what ridiculously good deal you’ll find. 

Take a look of some photos I took below and share with me your take on a sporty yet swanky outfit. And if you like Dollar Tree as much as I do, I’d love to know what you usually have in your basket.

Enjoy and God bless!


Denim Converse Baseball 10 Denim Converse Baseball Denim Converse Baseball 2 Denim Converse Baseball 3 Denim Converse Baseball 4 Denim Converse Baseball 5

The Pinky Promise bracelet you see in the forefront has become one of my every day accessories. I got it right around the same time I met my husband and it was simply a pact with myself and God that regardless of it all, I was loyal to Him and that when the time came I would be loyal to my husband. Each bracelet is one of a kind and a reminder of the above message. Be sure to check out the store for this and other bracelets, Heather Lindsay’s (the creator) blog, and her Pinky Promise movement. Denim Converse Baseball 6 Denim Converse Baseball 8 Denim Converse Baseball 7 Denim Converse Baseball 9

Tubbys Thunderbolt

Converse suggestions (click on photo for info):

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