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At the young age of 19, Max began his entrepreneurial career in the fashion industry by launching his first clothing line, Angry Genes. This landed him in major retail stores, including Urban Outfitters and received placement on prime-time TV’s hit series Entourage. He has also styled many music videos, award shows, and celebrity TV appearances (including the BET Awards, the David Letterman Show, and American Idol). Max grew up in the clothing business – his parents are major suppliers in the maternity market whose accounts have included mass-market retailers and specialty stores such as Wal-Mart, Kmart, and Nordstrom. He was trained by the best, learned the game at a very young age, and balanced his academic schedule with his business pursuit resulting in his parent’s contribution of a roundtrip ticket to Europe and Asia. Within three weeks, Max designed, developed, and made samples of an entire men’s and women’s clothing line. Upon his return to the US, he hit the ground running, selling and nailing down accounts. Within two weeks, he was back overseas producing his first collection. Overnight he had broken ground to his master plan of one day becoming a huge mogul.


About a year ago, Max left LA to develop a new project, INASECtv, a social sports networking website ( To help drive traffic to the site, Max called upon some friends in the NBA to get on camera for a few minutes and talk about life. This one camera project turned into a 6 camera production and an online success within a matter of months. The Max Rich Show is a unique blend of behind the scenes access and a genuine look at an athlete/celebrity’s true personality. The show takes you into the athlete/celebrity’s life and creates an on-set feel for the viewer. Not only do the viewers get a full access pass to the glitz and glamour of the athlete/celebrity’s lifestyle, but they also see that these stars are real people balancing work, life, and fame. Max’s down-to-earth vibe allowed the athlete/celebrity to open up on camera and bring out a side most viewers had never seen. The Max Rich Show makes you feel like you are watching two old friends hanging out. Whether it be playing one-on-one at a Pro’s respective sport or going fishing, shopping, or for a helicopter ride. Max goes beyond interviewing instead, he engages them in activities that make the viewer connect with the athlete/celebrity on a more personal level.


Not only can Max walk into a denim factory in downtown LA and know everyone, but he can also walk into numerous NBA locker-rooms and say hello to the starting line-up. Max is at a point in his life where he has built a great foundation to continue pursuing bigger projects, and is on his way to achieving his goal of becoming a household name in the states and the world at large.

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“I don’t look at what the girl looks like, I look at what she’s wearing first. I start at the shoes and work my way up.” – Max Rich


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SWANKYCYN: What is your favorite color shoe on a woman?
MAX RICH: It depends on where we’re going but I love black. You can never go wrong with black.

SC: Which nail polish color do you like to see on a female?
MR: I love the red.

SC: How do you feel about feet?
MR: As long as they’re not deformed I’m kool.

SC: What if the second toe is longer than the big toe?
MR: I’m kool with that. I think that good looking people have a longer second toe. My second toe is longer. [lol] Web feet would freak me out a little bit but it depends on how awkward it is [with the person]. As long as her feet are clean, I’m good.

SC: What are your thoughts on riding boots?
MR: I love those.

SC: What do you think about heels with sweats?
MR: You gotta be the kinda girl that can pull that off.

SC: What are your comments on women wearing heels at the airport?
MR: Heels at the airport is really attractive but the hottest thing I’ve seen so far is when I used to fly to Europe and Asia. I used to get these models hopping on the plane wearing heels but then they would change into flats on the plane and change back into the heels when they landed. Appearance is everything. You always have to look 100.

SC: What is the last shoe you saw that made you go wowzers?
MR: The ones with the red bottoms [Christian Louboutin]and you know the grey ones you had? Those are hot! [Alexander Wang]

SC: What is the classiest and sexiest pair of shoes your woman can wear for you?
MR: Something fly, clean, and under the radar fly. I like when the girl just has a good shoe and it fits well. I think it’s more about the girl that’s wearing them.

SC: What is a good first date shoe?
MR: Depending on the first date. I think it’s always important to wear heels on the first date. I want to see what her style is like, so she can’t hold back.

SC: How do you feel about a woman being taller than you?
MR: It used to bother me a lot but now it doesn’t bother me at all.

SC: What made you get over it?
MR: I just did. I didn’t really think about it. The fact of the matter is, there’s a very small percentage of women that are taller than me without heels on. There are the few exceptions that are, but I’d say 95 percent of women aren’t taller than me. So with heels if they’re 3 inches taller than me, whatever I’ll man up and swag it out. Sometimes I like it when they’re taller than me.

SC: Do you enjoy shopping with your woman?
MR: That’s a yes and no. It depends what mood I’m in. It depends on when you catch me. I really work hard and to go shoe shopping on my day off I’m not really crazy about it but if it makes her happy–I’m happy.

SC: What is the most expensive shoe you have bought for someone?
MR: I’m not a rapper that drops 15 or 20 grand on a shopping spree for his woman but I’ve definitely broken the bank a couple times. I remember I bought a shoe for $1400 one time.

SC: Do you remember the designer?
MR: No, I don’t. It was a long time ago, I don’t do that anymore. I’ll give her money to go buy it. Sometimes it hurts me when I swipe the card. [lol]

SC: What is the cheapest pair of shoes you have bought for someone?
MR: Payless.

SC: Which designer shoe do you enjoying seeing on women?
MR: I just like Christian Louboutin because it’s a statement with the shoe. Like Nike has that swoosh–It’s a symbol that everyone knows. They did it with the red on the bottom and it’s just so dope. It’s so recognizable but subtle at the same time.

SC: Are you into footwear as well?
MR: I’m pretty big on shoes. I usually stick to Prada a lot for loafers. Sometimes I like sporty sneakers from Prada. My dress shoes are Versace boots–thats what I rock with my suits. I used to be a big sneaker guy. I would get sneakers flown in from Spain, one of a kind Jordans, laser cut Jordans, Air Force Ones, dunks–but I shifted and my look is more rocker now. I like to wear beat up rockstar boots from All Saints. One of the few pairs I still rock are Pumas, they’re doing their thing right now.

SC: Name some of your top favorite bands.
MR: Tod’s. Tom Ford is my favorite out of everybody. Pradas. Ferragamos are alright. I’m not a big Louis Vuitton guy, I’m very subtle with brands and logos. I like to be under the radar.

SC: How many pairs of shoes and sneakers do you own?
MR: I have to own at least 500 pairs.

SC: How do you store them?
MR: It’s kinda crazy, I have a lot at my parents house in New York, I have about 30 pairs ready to rock here in LA, and I have some in Miami that I keep in my place over there. I don’t even know what I’m going to do with them.

SC: Give us one footwear don’t.
MR: I like Uggs to a certain extent but now they have the sequin ones. [lol]

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