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Lavanila: The Best Natural Deodorant

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I’m super excited to share with you Lavanila’s healthy deodorant–THE BEST deodorant out right now! It was quite a journey but one of the greatest things to happen to my self/skin care routine was transitioning from anti-perspirant to a healthier option. Watch my video below in which I share my reasons for switching over as well as why Lavanila’s Sport Luxe is the one! (continue reading to learn about my transition into natural deodorant)

I discovered Lavanila while checking out at Sephora. I’d been on the prowl for a healthy deodorant without any positive results but I didn’t want to give up. I saw the Lavanila Pure Vanilla mini and scooped it up.

lavanila healthy deodorant vanilla

lavanila pure vanilla natural deodorant

I’d been a huge supporter of Secret, especially the Clinical Strength Stress Response one but I was tired of having to switch out. Is it just me or do most anti-perpirants start out great and slowly become ineffective before you even finish the whole thing? Also, I never realized that antiperspirant means it isn’t allowing you to perspire. Although that seems ideal, when you really think about it that doesn’t sound natural. I’m all about changing my lifestyle right now to be the most natural. Granted there are tons of benefits to evolving as a culture with innovation and technology but you have to weigh the pros and cons. Similar to taking a prescription, it helps with one thing but causes side effects in the process. I made up my mind that it wasn’t worth it.

Before I was able to find the right fit of natural deodorant (and I went through a couple of awful products), I stopped wearing deodorant in the house and at night. I only wore Secret when I had somewhere to be or planned physical activity. I did sweat sometimes and my underarms were kinda stenchy, but nothing that was unbearable for me and my husband. If his scent infatuated self wasn’t complaining–I was good. So by the time I introduced natural deodorant it was a step up! 🙂 Which makes a lot of sense now, because according to Lavanila’s Deodorant 101 your body goes through a detox process when you switch over.

Crazy thing. On my first try, I was daring enough to wear Lavanila’s Pure Vanilla for a trial run (literally) on a 3 hr round trip hike! Incredibly enough it passed the test. I felt sweaty mostly everywhere except my armpits. They held up. Super impressed. By the end of the hike I couldn’t believe my under arms still smelled a little like vanilla. After lunch I did start to smell a stench, but I think that’s ok considering the workout.

I now have used it several times in different scenarios and it holds up to its benefits. Compared to my prior use of anti-perspirant, Lavanila is 100% a better alternative. Although I’m not a fan of the Vanilla Lavender scent–I’m obsessed with the Sport Luxe Vanilla Breeze.

best natural deodorant


healthy natural deodorant

What I love about this natural deodorant:

  • it doesn’t hurt when applying (i.e. scraping or burning)
  • it doesn’t feel sticky or caky, it feels smooth and comfortable
  • it doesn’t smell, even after a day of work or sweating the smell isn’t offensive
  • it keeps me dry!
  • no residue, when I shower it’s easy to take off

I wanted to continue trying different brands. Now I’m so obsessed with Lavanila’s Healthy Deodorant that I’m not interested in anything new for a while. Check it out next time you’re at Sephora or for a variety of available scents go to Lavanila’s website.

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Which deodorant are you currently using? Let me know by leaving a comment below!


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