Hubby POV: Thigh Highs, Leather, and Red

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This is what happens when I allow my husband to style me. Again.

I feel like my husband, Andre, was going for a rocker chic vibe when he created this Hubby POV. It all started when after begging him not to, he bought this red leather jacket for me. I really don’t like it; it’s red, the pleather is shiny, and I can’t seem to figure what to wear with it—ever. (I love the t-shirt, but I have no idea who the Ramones are.)

Now I must say, I like the final look. Not as bad as I expected.

Hubby said he, “just wanted to show [me] super fly, almost in living color fly girl. [His] inspiration was simplicity.” There is nothing simple about my husband’s fashion sense so I found it odd that it’s the way he describes this look. But they’re his words.

I mean, did that even make sense to you?? Lol! God bless my hubby. I love him. But we don’t always agree, especially when it concerns fashion. I wouldn’t mind wearing this outfit, but I don’t love it. Especially the red leather jacket. *thumbs down*

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Outfit Breakdown:

swankycyn red leather jacket thigh high boots

swankycyn red leather jacket thigh high boot

swankycyn leather jacket thigh high boots

swankycyn fashion blogger magazine wall

swankycyn fashion blogger magazine wall over the knee boots

swankycyn fashion blogger wool hat leather boots

swanky cyn leather jacket thigh high boots

swanky cyn thigh high leather boots


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