God is doing a NEW thing!

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For the New Year I was lead to share with you one of my recent journal entries. It speaks volumes on the attitude we should always have but especially for the coming New Year. Here’s to 2017! Happy New Year!


I was inspired by a dream I had last night. God is doing a new thing! Stop looking for past experiences and encounters with God. He will reveal Himself in new and refreshing ways. Move forward, don’t live in the past. Break free from that bondage! Be excited and expect Him to do things the way you’ve never seen them done. <3 Amen! I receive it.

With today being a new year, 2017, I want to impart something to you. Stop looking for what was, how it was, and who you were. Elevate to new territory. Allow God to take you to new heights. You can’t receive if your hands are still full…with the old.

This is specifically for those people who are holding on to good things. Good things that appear to be harmless. You see nothing wrong with the desire of wanting what once was, because hey, it was a good thing after all. But there is a reason it’s history and it’s in the past. It was a learning experience, it was a chapter, it was a season. Let it go. Allow God’s newness to enter your life this new year.

To me this spoke to my spirit because for so long I desired to have a relationship with God like I once had when I was single and had made the decision to live entirely for Him. It felt so new and I constantly felt like I was on a Jesus high. My relationship with God is still strong but I always look for what was. I always look for the way I used to spend time with him and how it felt. It was revealed to me that because of this way of thinking I was missing out on the present. Even worse, I was missing out on what could be.

With this revelation much peace entered my heart. Knowing that it isn’t God’s purpose for us to relive our intimate or fun moments like before. Instead He wants to take us to new places and new altitudes.

If this resonates with you, join me in releasing all that we’ve been hanging on to so we could grasp everything God has for us. Let’s expect Him to show us new and exciting things–the way we’ve never seen them before!

What are you letting go of moving into 2017? Can you relate to my having hung to great past experiences while missing out on the present? Let me know, leave a comment below.

P.S. – This also applies to those who are hanging on to things from their past that aren’t so good. Definitely let everything destructive go! Stop selling yourself short. Stop wasting your time.

God bless!


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