Frida Kahlo: Viva La Vida!

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Frida Kahlo Fashion Style Editorial swankycyn Swanky Cyn

In life we go through painful experiences that  move us to make a choice. Are we going to crumble under the obstacles or are we going to rise above them? My first SWANKYCYN editorial is inspired by Frida Kahlo, a woman who chose to rise.

Kahlo is a Mexican painter that became well-known after she endured many injuries from a terrible bus accident. Among other body parts, Frida’s spine, ribs, and legs, were left broken or fractured. While recovering, she was bedridden and forced to wear a body cast. To express her suffering, she decided to focus on her love of painting.

Frida Kahlo Fashion Blog Editorial swankycyn Swanky Cyn

Shawl/Poncho (throw blanket): Pier 1 Imports, Earrings: Made in Hope, Necklace and Shirt: H&M

She used painting to translate her emotions and the rawness in her life. Through her art, Frida conveyed the intense suffering of surgeries, abortion, and miscarriage.

Frida Kahlo Fashion Blogger swankycyn Swanky Cyn

Her boldness and courage to be real through her art, push me to continue being authentic in my goals. I may not meet this responsibility through the art of painting, but God has given me an avenue to shine light in the midst of darkness. He gave me the ability to impact others in spite of my pain.

Frida Kahlo Fashion Blogger Swanky Cyn swankycyn

Flower Crown and Dress: H&M, Lipstick: Maybelline, Index Ring: YSL

Frida Kahlo Fashion Editorial Blogger Swanky Cyn swankycyn

Frida Kahlo inspires me.

As she contemplated suicide, Kahlo chose to turn her pain into beauty. She chose to use her anguish as fuel, catapulting her into the legend she is today. I also admire her ability to help others during her struggle and her drive to become involved in social issues. She turned an awful experience into an artistic testimony.

I hope to one day leave a lasting impression on this world, similar to the one Frida Kahlo left out of her pain, beauty, art, love, and creativity.

Frida Kahlo Fashion Blogger Editorial swankycyn Swanky Cyn

Frida Kahlo Fashion Editorial Blogger swankycyn

Frida Kahlo Fashion Editorial Blogger Swanky Cyn

Frida Kahlo Fashion Blogger swankycyn



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