Pushing Past Doubt and Going Outside of My Comfort Zone

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Today I’m sharing with you an old video on a special encounter I had with the Lord. It’s a testimony of perseverance, obedience, and faith. If you’ve ever felt confused about your direction, had reservations about moving beyond your comfort zone, or been debilitated by doubts–this is for you.

I hope this inspires you to obey God when he tells you to do something and it helps you push past your comfort zones!

As I listen to this now, I realize that the enemy can’t read our thoughts but he can inconspicuously use seemingly good opportunities to create doubt and defeat within us. Of course, God sees this and allows it because why? Well because He already knows what lies within. He’s just using these situations to help us realize it! He wants us to grow and be bold. It usually isn’t until our faith is tested that we realize the magnitude of our being and our power here on Earth.

Isn’t it interesting how as soon as you want to live in spirit and in truth, you’re flooded and overwhelmed by doubts?? It’s the worst. But thank God, He gives us His grace and the ability to overcome.

Whether it’s serving, helping, or simply taking a leap of faith in your life know that God is with you. He is walking alongside you to encourage you. Everything you could possibly ever need is within you and every resource is simply an arm’s reach away. Allow Him to help you. Allow him to strengthen you. Allow Him to give you the confidence you very much need.

What comfort zone are you currently having trouble moving past? Do you have a personal story of a time when you helped the homeless? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

God bless!


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