My Capsule Wardrobe Journey + Outfit Ideas

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Hey swanksters! Today I’m super excited to share with you my wardrobe minimizing journey. Many of you might have seen all the rave about it, also known as a CAPSULE WARDROBE. In the video below I share my favorite pieces from the Fall/Winter 2016 season and you can also read on to learn more. Enjoy!

I was happy to use two of my fave colors–mustard yellow and olive green. And I was able to continue with the grey from the Spring/Summer! Tons of fave colors in this one. To get a visual of the color palette and style I was going for, take a look at my F/W 2016 inspiration board on Pinterest.

I started to Capsule Wardrobe completely by accident. Last Summer during my moving process from Oahu, Hawaii to Austin, Texas I had to pack for 40 days and about 7 different cities! Needless to say it took a lot of thought and PRE-planning.

Well actually let me back up. For about 2 years prior I felt like nothing in my closet really stimulated my fashion juices. It didn’t matter what new pieces I bought, I gravitated to a select few and it seemed like the miscellaneous STUFF hanging in my closet made everything else appear dull. I began to realize that I no longer enjoyed the competition of outdoing myself by wearing a different outfit every day. I’d been doing that since High School. My motto was; if I didn’t have to repeat, why should I?! But I realized things had changed for me and it became not only about being swanky but about COMFORT! I realized COMFORT = CONFIDENCE. And I wanted more of that.

Fall Winter Capsule Wardrobe Outfit Idea

I used the transition as an opportunity to figure out which things to travel with, which key colors to concentrate on, and how I could focus on the things that I LOVED. Everything that felt good and fit good and made me happy.

By the time I arrived in Texas, I was certain I made the right choice in deciding to minimize my closet. And again it all started with a leather jacket! My inspo comes from all different places, whether it’s in the shower, during meditation, or while driving. Even for SC fashion editorials, I’m inspired by nature, beautiful landscapes, and colors.

And so my swanky capsule wardrobe was born. It’s my 3rd capsule wardrobe and I love it! I already have my Fall/Winter 2017 ideas on Pinterest and I’m absolutely looking forward to diving into it. But for now, check out my Spring/Summer 2016 and 2017 below.

Spring/Summer 2016 RECAP: The color palette consisted of baby blue, blush, grey, white, nude, black, and navy blue. It all started with Zara’s powder blue leather jacket and my obsession for grey. The rest is history. I started using the Stylebook app, which is genius! I use it to remember the outfits that add an extra does of HAPPY in my day, without compromising style. Below are some of the looks I managed to create.

Spring Summer Capsule Wardrobe Outfit Ideas

Spring:Summer Capsule Wardrobe Outfit IdeasSpring/Summer 2017 SNEAK PEEK: I’m excited to share with you my SS ’17 color palette inspo and fave pieces. My whole wardrobe hasn’t completely come together yet but you can check out my S/S 2017 Wardrobe Inspo Pinterest board for major swanky vibes. <3 <3 <3 

So as you can see there are huge benefits to starting a Capsule Wardrobe. It all depends on what your lifestyle is like and how you navigate your personal style. I believe my evolution as a woman and as a person has a lot to do with my openness to it.

I’d love to know your POV on Capsule Wardrobe’n it. What is your current inspiration? Leave a comment below and let me know!



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