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Blogger Collaboration: Suede Shoe with Catwalks & Baby Bumps

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Finally! Another Blog Collaboration! Even though we don’t shoot together it’s fun to see what each other comes up with for the agreed shoe. I don’t find out what the other blogger puts together until a couple of days before the post goes live and I always feel a sense of excitement. I love how we can all have a different vision due to our individual styles which results in either a similar thought for an outfit or a completely different look altogether.

SWANKYCYN Blogger Collaboration Suede Shoe Catwalks and Baby Bumps

I’m happy I get another chance to work with Michelle of Catwalks & Babybumps. She is so easy to work with, along with an understanding and sweet attitude she really does make it all worth it. Check out how she rocked her suede shoe, follow her Instagram, and be sure to Like her Facebook Page.

So although it’s super warm here in Hawaii, I thought it would be good to share a suede shoe. It’s one of my favorite style of shoes in general but particularly for the Fall.

Suede Tiger Lion Flats swankycyn swanky cyn

I actually took these photos a little before leaving Georgia for my move to Hawaii. Myself and thee husband made some rounds of finishing up travel paperwork and decided to take a stroll in beautiful downtown Savannah. We went to have lunch at one of our frequented spots, The Bohemian Hotel’s Rocks on the Roof, and our greedy butts ended up going downstairs after to try a couple of dishes at Rocks on the River. All I have to say is, my husband is still thanking me for putting him on to truffle fries. 

Bohemian Hotel swankycyn Swanky Cyn Rocks on the River Bohemian Hotel Rocks on the River Bohemian Hotel Savannah swanky cyn

We strolled down River St. doing our usual browsing of the shops and boutiques, sampling some delicious praline, and indulging in fresh oysters at Fiddler’s Crab House. Yummm! #swankyeats

Fiddler's Crab House oysters

suede flats Savannah River St swankycyn swanky cyn

These orange lion/tiger flats with fringe bows were originally a pair I used to launch my Swanktuary Boutique, which is currently on hiatus, but you can check out my shop for some other swanky finds. (hubby is wearing Louis Vuitton’s Monte Carlo moccasin)

A breakdown of my OOTD:

Suede Flats swankycyn swanky cyn 2 Suede Flats swankycyn swanky cyn 5 Suede Flats swankycyn swanky cyn 4 Suede Flats swankycyn swanky cyn 3 Suede Flats swankycyn swanky cyn

Alexander McQueen Demanta swankycyn swanky cyn

swankycyn swanky cyn

What type of suede shoes do you love to wear? Please share by leaving a comment below.

Enjoy and God bless!

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