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BA STAR Makeup Beauty

A while ago BA STAR, the #1 Selling Makeup for Cheerleaders & Dancers, sent me one of their eyeshadow palettes to try. Their line contains affordable high pigment Eye Shadow Palettes and a Glue Shadow Base that can make you look great on or off stage. And although BA STAR gears its makeup toward girls involved in cheer, dance, and stage performing any gal on the go may benefit from it.

For example, the eyeshadow was rich in that even without use of the shadow base it managed to have all day staying power. I mean long lasting, all day hold, without yucky creasing!

With the particular palette they gave me, Midnight Smoky, I love making a smoky eye. Obvi. But you can see an Instagram pic below of a night in which I tried something different; a dark metallic smokey eye look.

Some of my personal tips (from left to right):
  • The white I use to highlight my brow bones and at the inner corners of my eyes.
  • The light metallic grey/silver I use as a base.
  • The dark metallic grey/silver I use at the crease, especially when I’m opting out of the black smoky look. Try a dark metallic smoky look for yourself too! It’s one of my faves.
  • I loved using the black eyeshadow for the smoky look of course but more so as an eye liner using an angled brush. I like that it’s very matte and subtle.
  • The blue I don’t use. Any blue hue outside of navy I don’t mess with. I personally can’t seem to get it right.

BA STAR Midnight Smoky Eyeshadow Palette Makeup

SWANKYCYN Swanky Cyn BA STAR Makeup Eyeshadow

Next we have the primer, which they call an Eye Shadow & Glitter Base. It’s my favorite! It adds depth and made any eye shadow I used, including the BA STAR palette, that much more vibrant. I also found it made it easier to wipe makeup off at the end of the night. If you’re into glitter or shimmer type eye shadows, note that it adds an extra metallic quality when used.

BA STAR Eyeshadow Glitter Base Glue Primer

So what is the cost you say?! Like I said, BA STAR offers affordability with both the eyeshadow palette and primer retailing at only $8.75 each! You can order more quantities and receive a discount. Free shipping on orders over $55.

Another color combination that I like is the Spicy Natural. I’m big on the bronze and earthy shades for everyday wear.

BA STAR Spicy Natural Eyeshadow Palette Beauty

For more options, check out some of BA STAR’s other great eyeshadow palettes.

Do you use high pigmentation makeup? What are some of your favorite eyeshadows and tips? Leave a comment below.

God bless!


P.S. – This post is sponsored by BA STAR and powered by BrandBacker.



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